The Bayreuth Academy

The first period of research work at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies rests on five sub-projects investigating specific aspects of the general theme from different disciplinary perspectives. They will run for the entire project period; their research builds on existing cooperations with African partners and focuses on different parts of Africa and African Diasporas.

Different in both substantial focus and disciplinary approach, all of the five sub-projects share their emphasis on future visions:
A historiographical sub-project studies the transformation of narratives of ‘Future’ in the 19th and 20th centuries (1: Beyond Europe). Models of time and future in nature are examined as informing conservation strategies or coping with climate change (2: Visions of Nature). Ethnological and sociological approaches are used to address visions of the future among middle classes as a manifestation of their social rise (Middle Classes on the Rise). Another Sub-Project looks at fictional representations of “Future” that are generated in African Diasporas and communicated by artistic movements such as Afrofuturism or in new media such as the internet (Concepts of Future in Mediaspaces of Africa and its Diasporas). Finally, iconographies of African revolutions are discussed and anthologized from the perspectives of cultural and art studies (Revolution 3.0).

Beyond Europe: Narratives of the Future in Modern African History

Visions of Nature

Middle Classes on the Rise

Concepts of Future in Mediaspaces of Africa and its Diasporas

Revolution 3.0

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