Mariam Popal



Mariam Popal’s  academic fields are ENGLISH & POSTCOLONIAL STUDIES. She is
working on her second theses at the Department of English & American
Studies at the University of Bayreuth on the concept of ‘touching’ and the
works of Paul Auster and Zadie Smith.
Her PhD was awarded summa cum laude. It is a work on the meanings of
‘Law’/‘Sharia’ from the perspectives of Feminist Postcolonial Studies
within methodological approaches of Comparative Law (Department of Middle
East Studies/University of Hamburg/Germany).

Her research foci are:

(Feminist) De-/Postcolonial Studies, Ethics, (Postcolonial) Shakespeare
Studies, Literary Theory, Affect Theories, especially humor, Modern
English/American Literatures, Modernism, Virginia Wolff, Ezra Pound,
Langston Hughes, The Harlem Renaissance, Toni Morrison, American Short
Stories, Film Theory & Photography  Studies, Critical Race Studies and
Representation Theory, Critical Inter-artity Studies within different
critical movements,  Diaspora Studies, images of Afghanistan in English
Literatures and Modern Afghan Literatures & Cultural Studies, anti-Muslim
racism, Neo-Orientalisms, Postcolonial ‘New Materialism(s)’.

Some of her publications include:


• Postcolonial (Theory in/and) Europe? – Flows and Flinders, in: Susan Arndt/Nadja Ofutey-Alazard (Eds.), Afrofictional In[ter]ventions – Revisiting the BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, Bayreuth 2011-13, Münster: edition assemblage 2014, pp. 67-74.

• ‚Gender‘. Myths – Masks – Subjectpositions – and beyond [‚Gender‘. Mythen – Masken – Subjektpositionen – und beyond], in: Freiburger Geschlechterstudien, Ausgabe 25/2011, S. 47-64.

• Heine and the Orient? – Between Subjectivity and Othering or How the Other came to Germany – saw and – ? [Heine und der Orient ? – Zwischen Subjektivität und Veranderung oder Wie das Andere nach Deutschland kam – sah – und ?], in: Lawrence I. Conrad/Benjamin Jokisch/Ulrich Rebstock (eds.), Fremde, Feinde und Kurioses. Innen- und Außenansichten unseres muslimischen Nachbarn. Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Gernot Rotter, de Gruyter 2009, S. 67-114.

• Head Scarf Hip Hop – Bodies Narrating (Other) Stories [Kopftücher HipHop – Körper sprechen schweigend (andere) Geschichten], in: Kien Nghi Ha, Nicola Lauré al-Samarai, Sheila Myrosekar (eds.), Re/visionen – Postkoloniale Perspektiven von People auf Color auf Rassismus, Kulturpolitik und auf Widerstand in Deutschland,
Unrast Verlag 2007, S. 87-109.


Sharia as Religious Law – a Construct? Reflections on the Analysis of Islamic Law based on Methods of Comparative Law and from a Post-Colonial Perspective [Die Scharia, das religiöse Recht – ein Konstrukt? Überlegungen zur Analyse des islamischen Rechts anhand rechtsvergleichender Methoden und aus Sicht post-kolonialer Kritik] Peter Lang 2006.