We are more than happy to give you a little preview on the exciting project My Mother´s Mother by Syowia Kiambi.

The work My Mother’s Mother is a room installation that fuses women´s voices from both German and Kenyan urban spaces, women living in the middle class milieu. The domestic references created with wallpaper, floor laminates, curtains and ceramic cups symbolize both fragility and strength.

We all have aspirations for a better life that goes beyond the basics of food, shelter, income and love. Often the idea of what this life should consist of is influenced by the consumer market, is governed by our educational and work environment and influenced by political, business and social agenda´s. Thinking that we make choices completely on our own accord is wishful thinking. Gender issues are extremely coded and elusive to grasp in their entirety. Women are the backbone of social structures and they in various ways, hold varying degrees of influence, utilising often-subversive approaches in the shaping of our lives.

In the work My Mother´s Mother you will hear a few voices some content with their lives but most are in a battle of self-preservation.


Délio Jasse (Luanda, 1980) was born and raised in Luanda. He now lives in Lisbon where he settled in at the age of eighteen. His interest in different printing techniques was first aroused through his work with silk screens, although soon afterwards this led him to photography. He soon started experimenting with the different technical possibilities of this medium, especially the alternative processes such as the cyanotype, the platinum/palladium e the «Van Dyck Brown».

After his first exhibitions in Lisbon, in 2009 he won the ANTECIPARTE awards with the series Identidade Poética. Since then, his work began enjoying widespread international recognition, as evident in the several residencies and exhibitions in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and France. Among the group exhibition we recall, Present Tense (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, 2013), Pour un monde durable (Rencontres de Bamako – Biennale africaine de la photographie, Bamako, 2011) and África (Museu Nacional de História Natural, Luanda, 2010). We also remember the solo show Pontus (Galeria da UNAP – União Nacional dos Artistas Plásticos, Luanda, 2013) and Schengen (Baginski Galeria/ Projetos, Lisbon, 2010).

Picture by Herberto Smith (