Two artists and one scholar, three perspectives on Richard Wagner’s legacy for German and Afican diasporic futures. The cooperative project of Philipp Khabo Koepsell and Susan Arndt scrutinises an often neglected part of the reception of Bayreuth’s most famous citizen: Wagner’s colonialist fantasies. Just as much as Hitler’s adoration of Wagner’s music was in line with its völkisch agenda and his antisemitistic brochure “Das Judenthum in der Musik”, Wagner’s  being a leitmotivic soundtrack of colonialist films corresponds to his colonialist visions of conquering places in Africa and the Americas.

After knowing about his devastating visions of the future of African and Jewish peoples, could we ever feel comfortable again with listening to his music as purely beautiful? What about confronting his visions with a future Wagner did not have in mind? Black scrutinies, abrogations and appropriations of his work?

Philipp Khabo Koepsell’s revisits Wagner’s future, making odd smells and new colours scrutinise and silence Wagner’s wordings and their futures. Afro-German voices, spoken word meets opera, have the last say. A poem by Philipp Khabo Koepsell and a Wagner aria by Lara Sophie Milagro as new „Zukunftsmusik“.

On the outside wall of the room, posters by Paul D Miller continue the project of Black remixing of Wagner. Imagination as intervention into historical truths and their futures. Cards are shiffled anew. Accordingly, motifs from Wagner operas are remixed with the iconography of card games — in itself a citation of popular culture.

This spectacle of Black remixing of Wagner finds ist close in DJ Spooky’s electronic rearrangement of „The Ride of Valkyres“ – another must have heard!


DJ Spooky aka Paul D. Miller is the executive editor of ORIGIN Magazine and is a composer, multimedia artist, editor and author. His DJ MIXER iPad app has seen more than 12 million downloads in the last year. In 2012-2013 he is the first artist-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC starting this fall. He’s produced and composed work for Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, and scores of artists and award-winning films. Miller’s work as a media artist has appeared in the Whitney Biennial; The Venice Biennial for Architecture, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany; Kunsthalle, Vienna; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and many other museums and galleries. His book Sound Unbound, an anthology of writings on electronic music and digital media is a best-selling title for MIT Press. He has been featured everywhere from Elle to CNN to SyFy.

Miller’s deep interest in reggae and dub has resulted in a series of compilations, remixes and collections of material from the vaults of the legendary Jamaican label, Trojan Records. Other releases include Optometry (2002), a jazz project featuring some of the best players in the downtown NYC jazz scene, and Dubtometry (2003) featuring Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Mad Professor. Another of Miller’s collaborations, Drums of Death, features Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Chuck D of Public Enemy among others. He also produced material on Yoko Ono’s recent album Yes, I’m a Witch.

DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation was commissioned in 2004 by the Lincoln Center Festival; Spoleto Festival USA; Weiner Festwochen; and the Festival d’Automne a Paris. It was the artist’s first large-scale multimedia performance piece, and has been performed in venues around the world, from the Sydney Festival to the Herod Atticus Amphitheater, more than fifty times. The DVD version of Rebirth of a Nation was released by Anchor Bay Films/Starz Media in 2008.

DJ Spooky’s multimedia performance piece Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica was commissioned by BAM for the 2009 Next Wave Festival; The Hopkins Center/Dartmouth College; UCSB Arts & Lectures; Melbourne International Arts Festival; and the Festival dei 2 Mondi in Spoleto, Italy. With video projections and a score composed by DJ Spooky, performed by a piano quartet, Terra Nova: Sinfornia Antarctica is a portrait of a rapidly transforming continent.

In August 2009, DJ Spooky visited the Republic of Nauru in the Micronesian South Pacific to do research and gather material for The Nauru Elegies: A Portrait in Sound and Hypsographic Architecture., a collaboration with artist/architect Annie Kwon, first presented at Experimenta in Melbourne, Australia in February 2010. In January 2010. Miller was commissioned by German radio to write the composition “Terra Nullius”.

In 2011, Miller released a graphic design project exploring the impact of climate change on Antarctica through the prism of digital media and contemporary music compositions that explored the idea of “acoustic portraits” of Antarctica entitled “The Book of Ice” (Thames and Hudson/Mark Batty Publisher). The Book of Ice is includes an introduction by best selling author and quantum physicist Brian Greene, author, The Elegant Universe. The Book of Ice is a multi-media installation, a music composition for string quartet, and a book, and it has been included in the 2011 Gwangju Biennial, by Korean architect Seung H-Sang and Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei.

PICTURE: DJ Spooky Architecture Concert (projected mapping of structure) at Kernel Festival, Villa Tittoni Traversi Desio, Italy July 1,2,3, 2011